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Escalate LIVE

Last week I was able to be part of an amazing event called Escalate LIVE: Don’t Just Be. Be Boutique.   It was a live conference specifically for portrait photographers, which was broadcasted online for any one in the world that wanted to tune in and watch.   If you are familiar with the TED conferences it was almost exactly the same format and concept.   But differing from the TED conferences, this event was focused on a specific niche within photography, bringing together five of the best speakers within that niche.  It was a very interactive experience including live shoots, in room and online Q&A’s, and  a tour of two of the most successful portrait studios in the country.

This was the second Escalate LIVE event I have been a part of.  I was brought as the broadcast director/specialist and worked with the amazing team from Kubota Image Tools.  We produced an amazing video production and were able to share it online to hundreds of viewers around the world.  I really enjoyed being a part of this event.  Here are some photos from the event, compliments of the events photographer, Kenny Nakai.

Me with video director, Benjamin Edwards who is an amazing videographer and photographer who has done a number of humanitarian media projects.

A interview Q&A session.

One of the live shoots.

Photoshop master and genius Julieanne Kost from Adobe who is as hilarious as she is knowledgable on Photoshop.

Questions from the room and online during the live panel discussion.

The live event.

Thank you Kubota Image Tools and Dane Sanders for letting me be a part of this event.