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Nilsson Family/Maternity Photos | Malta Travel Photographer


During our most recent trip to Malta, we were able to spend quite a bit of quality time with our good friends Beatrix and Marcus, and their little daughter Nevada. They are currently expecting their second child, and so they asked if I would capture this season of their life before having their second child. We had an impromptu photo shoot in a local park near their house in Gzira, and below are some of my favorite shots. It took quite a bit of clowning around to get Nevada to sit still, pose, and smile, but one wouldn’t expect anything less from a bubbly two year old.  All that matters is that we got her to smile!











Country Profiler – Finance Malta Cover Photo | Travel Photographer

Country Profiler - Malta Finance Cover

A photo of the Mdina Gate, taken during my time in Malta last year, recently found itself published as the cover photo of the Finance Malta magazine. This investor guide magazine is published by CountryProfiler, an international media company that specializes in the publication of country reports and investment guides on the world’s most innovative and high growth markets for trade, foreign investment and international financial services. I was honored to have my photo featured in the publication!

Discovering Gozo | Malta Travel Photographer

Boat in Gozo

The Maltese Islands are made up of three major islands: Malta, Comino, and Gozo.  Malta, the main island, is where the majority of a population of around 400,000 people live. Comino is a tiny island between Malta and Gozo, and is known for its world-class salt water lagoon. Gozo, the smaller of the two inhabited islands, has some of the best sights that the Maltese Islands have to offer. On my last trip to Malta, we spent a day on Gozo, exploring and discovering the best that this small island has to offer.  Today, I share some of my favorite shots from our day in Gozo.

A photo of Comino, the island between Gozo and Malta, as seen on our ferry ride in the morning:

Comino Island

Our first stop on the island was the Azure Window, which is a large naturally-formed window in the sea:

Azure Window

Azure Window 2

The view from on top of the Azure Window:

View from Azure Window

Our second stop was the costal town of Xlendi, a town I definitely plan on returning to:

Xlendi Harbor

Boat in Xlendi

Old Door in Xlendi

Xlendi Harbor

Xlendi Habor

Our final stop was the old city of Victoria, the capital of Gozo:

Victoria Clock Tower

Old men in Victoria, Gozo - Malta

Old Gate in Victoria Gozo - Malta

And for the final shot, leaving on the ferry headed back to Malta – my first but definitely not last visit to Gozo!

Gozo Harbor

Exploring Mosta | Malta Travel Photographer

Mosta in Church in Black in White

When I visited Malta in 2010, I was only there for one week. This made for seeing a lot in a short amount of time and not always being able to appreciate things as much as I would have liked to.  This summer I had a lot more time to explore and take photos than I did on my previous trip, especially in the city of Mosta, Nathalie’s hometown.  I was able to spend many afternoons and evenings walking through the streets and allies taking photos of just about everything that captured my eye. There were so many aspects of Mosta that escaped me on my first visit.

Below are some amongst my favorite shots of Mosta. I hope that you will get a glimpse of the beauty of this quaint city through them.

Old House in Mosta, Malta

Old Window Mosta Malta

Beautiful Wall in Mosta Malta

Mosta Dome over the the town

Street leading up to the Mosta dome

Mosta Dome before sunset

Mosta Square

Old Garage Doors Mosta Malta

Lamp in Mosta Malta

Window and flowers mosta malta

Glass Blowing in Malta | Malta Travel Photographer

Anyone who has visited Malta knows that this small island is renown for its glass blowing. Each glass blown object is truly a work of art, the creativity that goes into them limitless. During my last visit this summer, Nathalie and I spent quite a bit of time looking at all the different pieces of art at a glass blowing factory in Ta’ Qali, not far from Nathalie’s hometown. We were lucky enough to walk into the factory as a glassblower started to work on a gorgeous vase with a hollow middle. It was fascinating to watch how the glass is colored, stretched, shaped, and blown, as if it were merely a piece of bubblegum. The glassblowers were gracious enough to allow me to get as close as I wanted in order to capture the process. Below I share my favorite shots. If you ever pay Malta a visit, make sure to get one of these beautiful artifacts as a souvenir!

Glass Blowing

Glass Blowing Ta'Qali Malta

Glass Blower Mdina Glass Malta

Glass Blowing Artists Village Malta

Glass Vase being sculpted

Glass being put into the fire

Sculpting the glass

Sculpting the Glass

Molding the glass

Finished glass vase