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If you have followed my work for any amount of time, you most probably noticed my passion for international humanitarian media projects. My ultimate goal in business is to help NGOs in telling their stories of beauty and hope. I have started a website/blog to share these different projects that I do.

This summer my girlfriend Nathalie and I spent some time in Beirut, Lebanon visiting Iraqi refugees that have temporarily settled there as they wait for asylum elsewhere. I wanted to share a number of articles that we wrote about our time there, which also feature some photos that I was able to take during the last week. Although their situation is desperate, we sought to write stories that not only tell of their pain and hardships, but also communicate the beauty, hope, and heroism that we often witnessed in the Iraqi refugees we met. Links to the articles are provided below:

We would be honored if you read these articles. Our hearts were often broken as we listened to the Iraqis’ stories, but ultimately we were blessed by the experience, our eyes and ears opened to see and hear what it really means to go through war, experience the loss that results from conflict, and find oneself uprooted and illegal in a foreign land.

Here is a gallery of the images I was able to capture on this trip: