People (Part 2) | Malta Travel Photographer

I have a passion for photographing people. If you spend any time with my portfolio, you would see how this is the case. While I love shooting landscape and architecture, I love the challenge and art of photographing people. Getting close to people with the aim of taking their photo naturally involves a level of interaction, and when traveling internationally this interaction can be challenging due to language and cultural barriers.   Also, some people just don’t like their photo taken, and as interesting as I might find them, I have to respect that.  Photographing anybody always involves momentarily earning their trust, and the greater the trust that you can earn, the more moving their photo can be.

I have already shared one post of the different people I photographed during my time in Malta. Here is my second collection of favorites.

To start off with, a few photos from Malta’s National Beer Festival:

A well-entertained crowd, watching the beer drinking contest where the winner downed two pints of beer in about eight seconds

An old man sitting on his patio in the village of Burmarrad

Old women walking the streets of Birgu

A musician taking a break in Valletta

The square of Birgu at night

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