The Mosta Dome | Malta Travel Photographer

Mosta, Malta is the town where Nathalie and her family are from. It is a town found in the middle of the island, and is home to the third largest freestanding dome in the world: the Dome of the Church of Santa Marija Assunta (The Assumption of Our Lady Mary). This is a spectacular church that was finished in 1860. The Mosta Dome, known in Maltese as ir-Rotunda tal-Mosta, was almost destroyed during World War II (which would have been a great tragedy) when it was hit by a German bomb. Miraculously, the bomb went through the dome and did not explode. Had it exploded, it would have killed the hundreds of worshippers who were attending mass at the time. There is a replica of the bomb inside the church to commemorate this event.

Of all the churches I saw in Malta, this church was by far the largest and the grandest. When I visited the church it was beautifully adorned for its annual feast, which falls on August 15th and which celebrates the Assumption of Our Lady Mary. Here are some of the photos I took, of both the inside and the outside of the church:

The statue of Lady Mary from behind…

I love these doors…

The outside of the church in the middle of the day….

The church at night…

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